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Real World Examples
Build Presentable Projects
Learn Unit/Integration Testing
Bootstrap/Material UI Added

Node.js with TypeScript
MongoDB/Mongoose ODM
Deploy MEAN Stack Project
Free MEAN Learning Path

ASP.NET MVC Core With C#
Learn OOP Concepts
Learn Design Patterns
Learn Unit/Integration Testing

Design/Architect Solution
Design Backend(Node/.Net)
Design Front End(Angular)
Design Database

Unit/Integration Tests
Setup/Deploy Project


He is a wonderful teacher who understood my needs and dedication for my studies. I am looking forward to continue learning from him.[View]


Yaseer is an awesome tutor. Very good with explaining the concept. He has lots of knowledge in web designing and programming. I would recommend him to my own family too.[View]


Yaseer did a great job introducing me to MVC development. He created a small website layout for me and guided me step by step on how he did it and how it works. Overall he's a great tutor and he knows his stuff. 5 star rating because he was great and extremely helpful, he made it look really easy. I'll definitely have more lessons with him. [View]

Angular 8 Training Content

  • Basic Architecture of Single-page Angular application.
  • Angular CLI, How to create Angular Component, Service, Class, Interface through Angular CLI
  • Write our First Angular Application and understand it’s architecture
  • Create our professional application step by step in Angular.
  • Create a Github account and check-in our application during development.
  • Angular Unit Testing through Jasmine and Karma, Angular Integration testing (e2e) through the protector

MEAN Stack Training Content​

  • Learn MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js all together.
  • Learn how to create, manage and access MongoDB database through Mongoose Object Data Modeling.
  • Learn How to write Express.js APIs in Node.js in TypeScript.
  • Learn how to develop an Angular application.
  • Learn everything by developing a professional application of your choice if you want.

.NET Core 1.X, 2.X and 3.X Training​

  • Learn .NET Core Architecture.
  • Learn by developing a complete application of your choice with Angular front-end.
  • Learn how to write RESTful APIs in .NET Core.
  • Learn how to develop a loosely coupled solution.
  • Learn how to write Unit and Integration tests.

Full Stack Development

  • Learn front-end, backend, and database design using Angular, .NET Core/Node.js and SQL Server/MongoDB. (Choose one)
  • Learn different CSS libraries and techniques to design attractive front-end.
  • Learn how to design databases, SQL, and Entity Framework Core/Mongoose. (Choose one)
  • Learn back-end development in .NET Core or Node.js. (choose one)
  • Learn how to architect a complete solution.
  • Learn how to write frontend and backend unit and integration test cases.

Yaseer Mumtaz

Solutions Architect

More than 15 years of experience in Solutions Architect, Web, Desktop and Console applications development for American government, financial and government contracts. 

I love to help others learn new technologies mostly for free through my blog and by one to one training with minimal price. Just schedule a free call with me and let’s see how I can help you to learn new skills.

.NET/.NET Core Architect 95%
MEAN Stack 95%
Angular 8 95%
Database Design 90%
HTML/CSS/Bootstrap 87%
Mentoring 100%
Career Advancement Consultant 90%
Software Testing and Quality Assurance 80%

What is Fullstack Hub?

Fullstack Hub provides a free technical blog with working code along with professional training to students and professionals.

What is the course curriculum and duration?

You and I will design the course curriculum based on your goals. Just schedule a free call to discuss your goals and we will take from there. The same goes for the training duration.

What is the training fee?

Less than another training institute, no commitment or upfront full fee. You can schedule lessons using an online scheduling tool and pay before five minutes of starting the class, cancel an hour before without any penalty.